I’ve decided to head off down a different road… again!

The blogosphere is a strange place. Comforting and overwhelming…  all at once.

There are so many of us putting our thoughts, feelings and different aspects of our lives out there.

Friendships are forged, differences in opinions aired and sometimes, quite frankly mind-blowing ideas blow you away.

There aren’t enough hours in a day/lifetime to do justice to the great material that resides in the worldly blogosphere, but, we try. Because, we feel compelled to. Once you step in to the world of blogging you are hooked.


This is my third venture into the world of WordPress blogging. Two other blogs Write Dorne and My Inner Child remain open, but not especially active.

I am not afraid to make changes and I think it is about time to implement some. ( That could be an age thing.)

Female 1960 stems from my Twitter name. On there I rant, rave and tweet about anything and everything. So, I guess I will do pretty much the same on here… only with no character restrictions.

I am working on new posts and pages; and I will be linking up to my other blogs… when I can remember how. I haven’t blogged for a while.

I will be taking part in challenges, which is a brilliant way to get to know blogging folk and to re-connect with blogger friends.

So, please feel free to drop by from time to time, as I build my new blog.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x


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